Sharon Romang is a Creative Director originally from Buenos Aires and based in New York City.

With more than a decade of professional experience, Sharon has had the opportunity to serve the creative field in a variety of different capacities and in all creative levels, both nationally and internationally.

Her background in Digital Advertising, Branded Content and Visual Storytelling has led her to work in digital agencies, creative studios and publications, such as New York Magazine, The Cut, United Virtualities, Colorium & 
On the side, she spends a considerable amount of time making playlists on Spotify, playing bass guitar, and creating sound bites on her midi keyboard. Honestly lately she’s been spending a looot of time on TikTok, too. Anyway. More than anything, Sharon absolutely loves traveling and learning new languages.

Currently, Sharon is the VP of Creative @ Headlight & lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Okay—enough about her, more about you!