Spotify Personas

The Brief

Spotify noticed that despite previous attempts to find a new top-performing creative concept for their Free Evergreen campaigns, their girl with headphones creative keeps performing the best. They tried a wide variety of visual concepts that were quite different to this one, but none of them could not outperform it.

Our goal was to identify which elements made this creative concept successful. We also wanted to make new iterations while maintaining the original look and feel, and that way find a new winning creative.

The Insights

Spotify had just released their latest Culture Next Trends Report, which emphasized the diverse, cross-cultural & migratory world we live in. It also specifically highlighted the renegade tribes formed by young people celebrating micro-cultures, fringe fashions and social causes.

The Creatives

We decided to create iterations of the original Headphones Girl, by illustrating some of the diverse individuals featured in this report. All concepts were designed in all optimized Paid Social placements (1x1, 2x3, 4x5, 9x16 & 16x9)

We also had fun thinking about what other possible characters could be represented:


In order to create every possible character, color, and copy variation of this creative concept in the future, we utilized’s Image Templates to accelerate the process and create all iterations at once.  Once done, we were able to filter the creatives that we decided to use for each specific testing phase.

The Results

We run a couple of directional tests though Facebook & Instagram to find new top performers.
Tje initial test proved with statistical significance that the ‘Headphones’ concept could be expanded upon and delivered more efficiency versus the original. We were able to find an alternative Headphones creative that overperformed the original version.

It also helped prove that the same message could resonate with other simple visual concepts. The new winning concepts drove 28% more app installs and 39% more registration conversions.